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Many web hosting solutions seem identical on the surface, offering disk space, bandwidth email, site builders and 24×7 support and so on…
but these are only a fraction of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you host your site with us.

Choose After Your Needs


Do you have a website for an online game ? We have the most complex and advanced website hosting for gaming, with MSSQL support and more.
Do you have a business website? See our amazing plans that offer you 99% uptime and security, so your business is always online 24/7/365.
If you want to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal with a single click then this is the best solution for you. Best prices available at no compromise.

Here's some advice to get you started!


With the Shared Hosting plan, you can set up a bigger website in just a few clicks. Whether its a small family website, a photo gallery, a blog, you get a minimum of 5 GB of disk space and can create as many “1-click” modules as you want.

Every family member will get a email account of their own.


Home/Small Office < 10 employees

You’ve never set up a website before, but you want to set up a professional business website and quickly establish your business online. You’re thinking of adding new features every month.

Your website needs to be a simple business card that can be found easily by search engines.

The Professional Web Hosting plan is for you.


SME < 50 employees

You’re looking for a hosting package that can be adapted to your needs over the next 2-3 years to support your online development. You can outsource the site building to agencies or freelancers, or you may have an internal team to work on your internet activity.  The work of your employees depends on the internet, so you need a reliable hosting package to withstand activity peaks, with lots of features included and plenty of flexibility.

The Professional packages have been created for you. You get a generous amount of disk space with unlimited monthly traffic.


E-commerce (startups)

You need to create an online shop, to get started gradually and to grow at leisurely pace if success is on the cards. You have basic notions of the web for creating a PrestaShop-type application so that you can create your shop quickly and easily.

The Professional package has been designed specifically to support you in your e-commerce projects and to help you succeed on the net.

You need shared SSL encryption to get started, PrestaShop 1-click modules and a hosting system that rapidly responds to your site visitors. If your website is a hit, you may need the services described under the E-Commerce (established) section.


E-commerce (established)

Your e-commerce site is running at full speed. You have several people working on the site, as well as the delivery of products offered on your site. You need a fast, reliable site with customised SSL encryption features. You need fast and reliable databases.

The Professional packages are made for you. You can create a customised SSL certificate and use it in a shared environment.

The hosting infrastructure is made up of several thousands of servers working simultaneously, which ensures availability and speed upon every visit. You will grow on a managed infrastructure in a personal manner.


Web Agencies/Web Designers

You’re looking to host your customers’ creations for unbeatable value for money. You want to spread the costs of each site using a managed system that enables maximum usage of the resources available.

All our packages meet these requirements. You should choose the your package according to what kinds of websites you host, so you get the best out of the resources available.


Gaming Websites

You have your own game online, and a website that requires specific features like MS-SQL. Our Gaming Web Hosting is the right solution for you.

Instead of hosting your website on Windows, on the same server where your game is, you can host it on our CloudLinux enviroment which offers your 99% uptime and stability.

Still unsure what to choose ?

Our support advisers will help you understand which hosting plan you need based on your business model and budget!

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