We have launched a brand new range of VPS specially crafted for those that are under attack 24/7 with their online game. The hardware is very performant aswell as the network, offering more stabillity and protection for your business.

DDoS attacks are mitigated in a special way, each game having it's own filtering rules TCP and UDP.

What this means:

If you are already using another VPS type from us and the default AntiDDoS mitigation is not enough due to the high and dense amount of attacks you get every day, then this range will save you from headaches.

What this does not mean:

This does not mean that our regular VPS range does not have AntiDDoS Protection. All our services are protected with a default level of mitigation, however some games are very sensitive and the smallest packet loss = disconnected players.

Checkout our Advanced Game VPS page for more details and pricing:

Thank you for choosing us!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

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