Mar 28th New range of servers: Enterprise Game VPS and New Domains

Greetings,It is our pleasure to announce our new range of servers "Enterprise Game VPS". Designed specially with the highest possible bandwidth available for a VPS for mission critical applications.On this note we would also like to announce that we added new Domain TLD's and we have replenished stock.Grab your new domain and start off your ... Read More »

Nov 18th New range of servers: Advanced Game VPS

Greetings,We have launched a brand new range of VPS specially crafted for those that are under attack 24/7 with their online game. The hardware is very performant aswell as the network, offering more stabillity and protection for your business.DDoS attacks are mitigated in a special way, each game having it's own filtering rules TCP and UDP.What ... Read More »

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