Load Balancer Managed

Load Balancer Managed

The Load Balancing IP is an IP address carried by our network which spreads traffic load of your services hosted in our datacentres.

Load Balancer Managed - Basic



  • 2 TB included + additional usage*
  • 10 farms included
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL included
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Monitoring
  • Anycast
  • Prioritise your traffic distribution

Load Balancer Managed - Premium



  • 10 TB included + additional usage*
  • 100 farms included
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL included
  • Anti-DDoS protection
  • Monitoring
  • Anycast
  • Prioritise your traffic distribution

*Once you have exhausted the volume of traffic included with your plan, we will start applying a charge to your consumption. We will charge for each gigabyte of additional cumulative traffic (incoming and outgoing) used, at a rate of £0.03/month.

Comparison Table

Basic Premium
Traffic Unlimited* Unlimited*
Traffic included 2 TB 10 TB
SLA 99,5% 99.9%
Guaranteed Repair Time No 30 min
Requests per second Unlimited* Unlimited*
Additional volume £0.03/GB £0.03/GB
Maximum no. farms (back-ends) 10 100
Maximum no. front-ends 2 20
Maximum no. servers/farm (front-ends) 10 10
Metrics (Monitoring) 1 month 12 month
Free DV SSL certificates included 10 100
IP supplied IPv4 Yes IPv4 Yes
IPv6 Included Included
Anti-DDoS protection Included Included
HTTP/HTTPS/TCP protocol Yes Yes
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Yes Yes
Advanced probes No Yes
Managed via Proxy Protocol Yes Yes

*Unlimited traffic usage beyond the limit included, 1 GB cumulative traffic (incoming and outgoing) used in excess of the amount included will be charged at a price of £0.03/month.

How Load Balancer works?


Free SSL encryption
The Let’s Encrypt DV SSL certificates are now included in all of our Load Balancer solutions, completely free and will activate HTTPS protocol by default.
Use metrics to monitor your Load Balancer’s load and outgoing requests to your servers. This information can then be used to maximise your system’s performance!
The Anycast DNS system means that the server nearest to your user’s location will load your website, improving load times.
Prioritise your traffic distribution
Optimise the distribution of requests to your servers using the various distribution algorithms.
Anti-DDoS Protection
Get our Anti-DDoS L4 system, specially optimised for load balancing, with powerful mitigation.
Advanced probes
Optimise server usage in your farms, using our advanced probes, which are adaptable to most situations.
Proxy protocol management
With its TCP front-ends and farms, you can track your customers’ information and connections to your servers, the same way an HTTP X-Forwarded-For works in HTTP mode.
Go even further with your Load Balancer! Route, redirect or reject traffic depending on the HTTP method used, or even the value of a cookie or an HTTP header.
With HTTP Strict Transport Security, you can effortlessly optimise your websites security by using a secure connection to access them. You won’t need to configure anything on your web server – everything is managed by your Load Balancer!

Got questions? We got answers!

Which services are compatible?

All our services are compatible with Load Balancer. (example: Web Hosting, VPS)

Can I connect my Load Balancer to an IP outside of LGHost?

This feature is not currently available.

How I know if I reach the limit of 2 TB traffic?

We will let you know via email if you reach at the limit of 2 TB traffic and also we will show you the statistics.

Which direction of traffic is accounted?

All incoming and outgoing traffic is calculated.

I have control panel for Load Balancer?

No, you don't have a control panel for Load Balancer. Because is managed we will do all the settings and we will make sure everything will work without problems, also we will update you with the statistics about it.

What I need to do if I don't want to use the product anymore?

If you don't want to use the Load Balancer anymore you need to request the cancellation. You can ask for cancellation immediately or the end of the billing and also you need to know if you want cancellation, that not means a refund.

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