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LGHost - Get 50% off for special Gaming Webhost!

The Challenge:

Recently more and more people are having trouble with hackers and high load on resources because of a common mistake: hosting the website on the same server, and even worse using XAMPP.

If you are in the gaming business, you need to have security, stability and redundancy.

The best way to mitigate and avoid attacks, high resource usage, bandwidth consumption is to spread the load.

If you host your website on the same server with your game you are not only opening doors to hackers, but also exposing yourself to Layer 7 DDoS attacks.

Our Solution:

Our mission is to encourage more and more people to try out our amazing webhost crafted specially for busy gaming websites, with a simplified and unique control panel that allows you to manage your website in clicks.

Your website will be protected by all sorts of DDoS attacks, and hacking attempts are mitigated with enterprise grade Web Application Firewall.

The Results:

  • Your website will load faster than ever, your users will navigate with pleasure and no disruption.
  • You server will not be affected by any attacks that are incoming on your website, we will “eat” it up all.
  • You will get a FREE SSL to secure your website and show confidence to your users.
  • You will save the bandwidth of your VPS.


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